Hello to the all the wonderful healers 

 I am starting an Angelic healing share on Thursday 28th May 11-12.30 at Healing Touch Worcester all donations to 3CHH Charity (

 It is a great opportunity to meet like minded people, follow a peaceful yet uplifting meditation and connect with the angelic realm and raise your vibration. 


Contact Rita Davies 07579002557 to attend by Thursday 21st May 

Reiki reconnects you with Divine Love. It gently works with us. Reiki is a very patient Medium for Healing on all levels of your being.  It caresses you and takes you where you need to be emotionally and psychologically. It connects you to the gentle child within.

Healing with Reiki II increases considerably the power to direct energies.  The attunement focuses on the mental, emotional and karmic healing in the individual who receives it.  It gives you the tools for healing someone who is not physically present also.

The Reiki II healer moves beyond the limits of her physical body.  This module of the training gives the healer the opportunity to change dramatically his/her relationship with his/herself and the world.

Reiki III (Some say Mastership) allows you to attune others and share your skills and experiences thus. So here, Reiki allows you to empower another and so…

Reiki will give you the opportunity to rediscover attributes about yourself that you did not think you possessed. You can choose to use these attributes or not.  Reiki does not give you issues you are not capable of dealing with.

Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used for thousand of years by scientists in computers, radio, lasers etc.  Healers have used them to transform and focus energy.

A crystal healing session allows the practitioner to work with the crystals focusing the energy desired on the area to be healed.  Issues are discussed and the individual is counselled through this experience.

Crystals will initially resonate with your energy and then commence healing.  Primarily Crystals seek to calm, remove pain and discomfort and energies the physical body.

Working with Crystals is one of the fastest ways of attuning yourself to Mother Nature and to your Divine Self. Working with Sakhmet and the Crystals allows you to tap into yourself at Soul Level and work with yourself inter-dimentionally very quickly. It is a very rewarding.


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