photos-stress1Stress affects every one of us and coping with stress is a continual task of trying to respond in the best way possible to each new situation. Stress Management teaches us how to recognise the symptoms of stress and teaches techniques to allow us to deal with stressful situations effectively.

We provide companies with a stress management course that is tailored to the needs of your staff. The course is flexible and will give your staff techniques to enable them to cope with excessive stress for life and to be able to pass on these techniques to colleagues.

A Course in Holistic Stress Management: Our Aims

  • To increase the understanding of issues in occupational stress.
  • To increase personal awareness of stressful experiences.
  • To increase awareness in holistic treatment for stress symptoms.
  • To provide effective guidance in the management of stress.
  • To enable the self-management of occupational stress by the provision of resources, coping techniques and an initial experience of stress management.
  • To enable the designing of strategies for coping with occupational stress on a continuing basis.

The courses can be held at your company premises or at Healing Touch.

Discounts will only be given to a Company sending ten delegates on any one course.

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