The body is composed of more than a single layer of muscle, when you have stiffness or discomfort it’s at middle to lower layer where the dysfunction starts. Deep tissue massage applied by a skilled practitioner can assist in re-aligning the deeper muscle and removing pain.

The fibres are copious with blood vessels and nerve receptors; by using Nero–muscular techniques most muscular aches and pains can be repaired.

The treatment involves accessing the offending muscle groups with passive and active stretching. The treatment may be slightly uncomfortable however it is always within your own pain threshold.

While “standard” massages focus on relaxation, a deep tissue massage focuses on specific health problems, and may help the following:

  • Improving mood
  • Improving sleep
  • Relieving tension
  • Promoting a sense of well being
  • Relieving anxiety and stress

What to expect from a treatment:

You will be asked to complete an emotional and medical history.

Rita will focus on the presenting problem and treat accordingly. The pressure is variable with a variety of techniques used to help soften fibrotic tissue.

The treatment cost is £50.00 for 1 hour 30 minutes.

For further information or to book an appointment contact Rita Davies on 01905  763481.


Having suffered for many years from Chilblains on my toes and being unable to find an effective curve, I turned to Rita Davies at the Healing Touch Complementary Heath Care Center Bath Road Worcester.

My initial assessment by Rita confirmed that i was suffering from quite a bad bout of Chilblains with more than one Chilblain on each toe.

My first treatment was deep massage of my toes and feet, in conjunction with a potion of essential oils mixed by Rita. The relife and feeling of well being after the first treatment was totally indescribable and very welcomed. My assessment would be that the initial consultation saw an improvement of well over 90%. I continued applying and massaging to my effected toes, the essential oils that Rita had mixed for me each evening before bedtime, to see further improvements.

My second treatment from Rita went on to compound the already good work that she had done to relive my painful feet.

I can only speak highly of Rita and the Healing Touch Complementary Heath Care Center, and would recommend anyone with any well being problem give them a try you would have nothing to lose and could be well surprised.


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