baby-messageOf all of the senses touch is the first to develop. As babies, it is primarily through our tactile experience that we explore and make sense of the world. The loving touch of our parents is essential to our growth. So long as our need to touch, and to be touched is satisfied we grow healthy, but where it is inhibited, so our development may be impaired. For the cuddles and strokes we receive in infancy help us to build a healthy image of ourselves.

Touch is a language we all use instinctively to show our feelings, to demonstrate to others that they are loved, wanted and appreciated. “Let’s rub it better”, is our natural response to a child’s bumps and bruises, Hands move quickly to rest on fevered brows or to soothe tummies and headaches. By holding, comforting and stroking we convey sympathy, understanding and reassurance.

Babies can feel isolated, cold, uncared for and unloved. Consider that for 40 weeks they are growing inside us, feeling warm and secure, part of everything we do. The birth may be a shock… What happens when we take our babies home? Through our life styles babies sleep on their own, spend less time breast feeding, and are given stimulating environments to play in.

about-us-imageBaby Massage may help:

  • Parents to bond more easily
  • Stimulation through touch
  • Eye and voice contact
  • Sleep Regulation

Baby massage can also help father to feel closer and more useful in the baby’s development.

Workshops are provided to teach baby and toddler massage – this helps to improve communication, bonding, sleep and can help colicky babies. Parents are instructed on massage strokes and also deep abdominal breathing to relax and calm themselves.

Parents attend four weekly sessions, first to learn relaxation and massage strokes and the second for feedback and to check that the basic strokes are understood. Workshops can accommodate a maximum of six babies and parents.

A variety of massage strokes and sequences and a repertoire of nursery rhymes complete the loving bond between parent and baby. Parents are also given aromatherapy advice for childhood illness. At the end of the workshops parents are encouraged to give feedback on their baby¹s improvement.

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