Student testimonial for official Angelic reiki tm level 1 & 2 January 2017

Rita’s depth of knowledge and emotional support was tremendous

I felt very relaxed happy, safe and secure.

I learned so much more than expected a lot of confirmation of thoughts. feelings

I have been able to fully trust the guidance of Angels and Ascendant masters with more clarity of information spiritually emotionally with a chance to work on myself.

The most valuable aspects of the course were the attunements feeling body meditation sensing aura and energy and working with others

I would definitely recommend Rita as a teacher and training in Angelic reiki tm for emotional wellbeing. Spiritual growth and healing on all levels.

From Michelle C

Student testimonial for official Angelic reiki tm level 1 & 2 Rita answered every question with confidence and love the support and feeling of ‘being held’ was exceptional. I felt I learned a lot and open up my wisdom

The course was run in a disciplined way which made me feel peaceful rather overloaded or afraid’

I felt Rita was fully in control and could handle anything that arose with clarity and wisdom and go home with renewed faith and trust all is well.

The group interaction was fantastic and gave a feeling of wholeness trust integration and support.

The practice of Healing with someone who really knew what they were doing was priceless and built my confidence

I would definitely  recommended Rita, this course to anyone who wants to further their interest and ability in healing and would describe it as ‘safe space’

From Auriol B

Student testimonial for official Angelic reiki tm level 1 & 2

Rita is an exceptional teacher in many ways I know my true path I know I’m on a journey home.

For me the most valuable aspects were learning to meditate, be silent and trust the Angels. To feel safe and of course loved All empaths should do this course

From Julie G

Student testimonial for official Angelic reiki tm level 1 & 2

Rita is extremely knowledgeable she is brilliant and empathic support.

I learned lots and still more to learns I absorb the info in the  handbook. The course will benefit me in terms of healing myself and my aim is to use ti in my business assist client who have limiting beliefs’ and seek transformation


I enjoyed the hand on healing. Using dowsing rods and crystals/

I really enjoyed the course and didn’t expect so much healing myself loved the warm inclusive and supportive environment that Rita created.

From Deb M


Student testimonial for official Angelic reiki tm level 1 & 2

Rita has an excellent knowledge an was supportive I now have a better understanding of myself and how I can help myself.

I’m excited as I start my journey and of where it might take me

From Jacqui B



“For the period 2005 to April 2009, Rita Davies was contracted to deliver on site massage and relaxation treatments for staff working in an emergency service contact centre. Throughout this time Rita was able to demonstrate a committed approach to working with individuals to identify their personal needs and to deliver a service tailored to ensure the maximum benefit for all concerned.

Rita is a dedicated professional who understood the need for confidentiality. She was able, through her professionalism, high level of skill and vibrant personality to make a positive contribution to the work of staff performing in a highly stressful, dynamic, demanding environment dedicated to delivering a high quality emergency service.

Many thanks Rita”

John Jones, Chief Superintendent

“I have Cerebral Palsy. In 1995 I received my first massage at a health spa, as advised by my occupational therapist. My muscles relaxed and I felt so good. This led me to seek advice about further treatment.

I first saw Rita Davies for a therapeutic massage in January 1996, and the benefit to my health has been vast. My muscles are more relaxed, allowing my left hand to open, and sever spasms have been reduced. My body is more upright and my self esteem has also improved.

I was so inspired by the effectiveness of this treatment that I attended a six week Aromatherapy Massage workshop course myself, which has enabled me to use the techniques on family or friends.

I try to maintain monthly treatment to keep as healthy as possible – my GP, Physio, and occupational therapist all agree for me to continue.”

Alan Mansell


Holistic therapeutic massaage

Having suffered for many years from Chilblains on my toes and being unable to find an effective curve, I turned to Rita Davies at the Healing Touch Complementary Heath Care Center Bath Road Worcester.

My initial assessment by Rita confirmed that i was suffering from quite a bad bout of Chilblains with more than one Chilblain on each toe.

My first treatment was deep massage of my toes and feet, in conjunction with a potion of essential oils mixed by Rita. The relief and feeling of well being after the first treatment was totally indescribable and very welcomed. My assessment would be that the initial consultation saw an improvement of well over 90%. I continued applying and massaging to my effected toes, the essential oils that Rita had mixed for me each evening before bedtime, to see further improvements.

My second treatment from Rita went on to compound the already good work that she had done to relive my painful feet.

I can only speak highly of Rita and the Healing Touch Complementary Heath Care Center, and would recommend anyone with any well being problem give them a try you would have nothing to lose and could be well surprised.


Therapeutic Massage

“I have never come across a massage therapist as gifted and knowledgeable about the body as Rita Davies. Her treatments and suggestions have helped me reduce the regularity of my sessions but I always look forward to them. I can’t recommend Rita highly enough.” Laura H. client since 2012.

‘’ I suffer with lower back pain and fibromyalgia. I visit both Rachel for McTimoney chiropractic and Rita for Therapeutic massage and find the combination of treatments work well for me and vastly improves my symptoms to the point where my lower back has been completely pain free between treatments’’

Fran W client since 2013 




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