Tip for Tuesday

Tip for Tuesday thoughts are not facts when your mind is full of thoughts some are relevant the majority are not. Take 5 deep breathes and focus the mind on the main activity of the day. with love and blessings Rita

Light Workers Creed

A LIGHTWORKER’S CREED I AM a Lightworker I awoke so that others may awaken I learn so that others may also learn I transform so that others may transform I lighten my load so that others may change theirs I learn to see so that others may also see I forgave myself so that I […]

Angelic Meditation meeting your Guardian Angel

This Saturday 17th of March I’m holding a beautiful meditation on ‘communing with your Guardian Angel’ the being that has been with you through every incarnation every one welcome The fee is a donation to 3CHH the venue is Healing touch  4 Bath Road Worcester Limited spaces please book 01905 763481 leave a message OFFICIAL […]

Dates for Angelic Reiki 2018

The official Angelic Reiki is a unique ,complete learning system with excellent manuals and internationally recognised certificates. It is suitable for everyone. You can start at the beginning and continue to a Master teacher. Official training with manuals Master crystal and certificates Entry levels 1-2 –£252.00 Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday 19 hours in total […]

Angelic reiki training

Level 1&2 Angelic reiki  will be held at Healing touch Worcester on 22nd 23rd and 24th of March contact Rita 01905 763481 for more details