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Light Workers Creed

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018


I AM a Lightworker

I awoke so that others may awaken

I learn so that others may also learn

I transform so that others may transform

I lighten my load so that others may change theirs

I learn to see so that others may also see

I forgave myself so that I may help others to forgive

I love myself so that I can bring out love in others


I AM a Lightworker

I live to give comfort

I live to shine loving light onto others

I live to heal

I live to give hope

I live for truth

I love to love


Angelic Meditation meeting your Guardian Angel

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

This Saturday 17th of March I’m holding a beautiful meditation on ‘communing with your Guardian Angel’ the being that has been with you through every incarnation

every one welcome

The fee is a donation to 3CHH the venue is Healing touch  4 Bath Road Worcester

Limited spaces please book 01905 763481 leave a message



Angelic Reiki is a unique complete learning system with Master crystal, manuals and Internationally recognised certificates.

You can start at the beginning and continue to a Master teacher.


Level 1&2 beginners

Cost:  £252.00

Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday 19 hours in total

Dates: 23rd 24th 25th March 2018

13th 14th 15th April 2018

progression to


Levels 3-4 Personal Mastery

Cost: £360.00

Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday 19 hours in total

Dates :13th 14th 15th July 2018


Professional practitioner level

Cost: £210 + £90

Part 1: 2 days

Part 2: 1 day

Dates: 11th12th 13th May 2018


Master teacher level-£390

Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday 19 hours in total

Dates: 23rd 24th 25th  November 2018





When you join the Angelic Community, you will receive regular Angelic   Reiki meditations and newsletters






About the Tutor Rita Davies

Rita’s vision for humankind is for the Creators love, to manifest in every heart. Angelic healing is the healing of our time and we are instrumental in the process of raising the vibration of Earth. It is her sacred mission to facilitate this awakening process, with an open and grateful heart, illuminating all who are ready to receive.  Rita is an educational facilitator with over 30 years’ experience and is a Practitioner of Biomechanical therapy, Aromatherapy and Master Angelic Teacher /Practitioner.




is a beautiful system of practical healing techniques, you become the most perfect Angel and channel healing from the Divine beings? with a permanent connection with Angels, Ascended Masters Galactic healers and own Guardian Angel. It really is quite fantastic! It is helpful in unblocking traumas and pain on all 4 body systems emotionally physically mentally and spiritually

You can free yourself from limiting thoughts, useful in bringing change into your life and support your personal journey

Use level 1-4 to heal yourself, family, friends and pets.

However, you may feel guided towards healing others in a professional capacity. I can train you to professional level and even Master teacher.




For more information go to healing touch Worcester face book and read past students comments

Contact Rita Davies: 07579002557 or


Dates for Angelic Reiki 2018

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

The official Angelic Reiki is a unique ,complete learning system with excellent manuals and internationally recognised certificates. It is suitable for everyone. You can start at the beginning and continue to a Master teacher.

Official training with manuals Master crystal and certificates

Entry levels 1-2 –£252.00

Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday 19 hours in total

Dates 23rd 24th 25th March

13th 14th 15th  April 2018

progression :

Levels 3-4 Personal Mastery – £360.00

Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday 19 hours in total

13th 14th 15th July

Professional practitioner level -£210 +£90

Part 1: 2 days

Part 2: 1 day

11th12th 13th May

Master teacher level-£390

Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday 19 hours in total

23rd 24th  25th  November


Testimonials from level 1&2 Angelic reiki ,level 3&4 students

Thank you Rita for taking me on this journey which has only just begun. Your teaching, guidance and love is enabling me to discover and find parts of me I never knew existed.


Very powerful weekend as always led beautifully by Rita. I feel there has been a lifelong shift made this weekend that will affect my life from this point on. Meeting Rita and being introduced to Angelic Reiki has changed my life. I have connected to God and the angels in a profound way.


Angelic Reiki 3 and 4 has given me the opportunity to work with myself on a soul and emotional level. I feel light, energised, loved to the very core of my being. Looking forward to doing my practitioner level and to share the angelic rays of love, light, forgiveness and truth. Thank you, Rita.

Much love light and gratitude.



Angelic reiki training

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Level 1&2 Angelic reiki  will be held at Healing touch Worcester on 22nd 23rd and 24th of March

contact Rita 01905 763481

for more details


Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Enjoy taster treatments and Talks

on the  benefits of complementary and alternative medicine

Geo stone therapy


Angelic reiki


Thai massage

Enjoy  complimentary refreshments