7 Simple feel good techniques…..


  1. Let the Peace and Joy you feel in your heart right now  radiate to all those around you.
  2. Take time to sit and take 5 deep breaths then breathe easy.
  3. feel your belly expand with  your chest as you breathe. Now with a still mind,take time just to think of one good thing that has happened this week.It may be something small as  meal cooked for you.
  4. Think of a happy time when you felt care free,  go back as far as you like.
  5.  Now imagine the warm sunshine above you soothing and easing your mind,let the the warm glow from the sunshine surround you in a golden sphere
  6. Sit in your golden sphere for a little while and let your self glow.
  7. Finally think of a loving thought and send it to someone or place you care about may be our self and our Planet.

love and Angel blessings Rita

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