Healing Touch Bespoke Health and Well-Being Corporate Package

Are you looking to get more from your workforce?

Are you an employee, fed up of the stress, headaches and back pain from sitting at a computer all day?

We can all gain some benefit from learning more on how to sit properly, how to use relaxation techniques to avoid stress, and exploring the general do’s and don’ts of the work environment that help to keep the body little bit more healthy.

With this tailor made corporate package you can be on your way to achieving a state of well being!

Wellbeing: ‘Reaching a contented state of feeling happy and healthy’

Sounding interesting?

What the package includes-

  • Personal and individual onsite structural assessment of staff.
  • Accessibility to treatments such as Osteopathy and Hypnotherapy.
  • The treatments can help target problems varying from neck, shoulders and back pain, to migraines, headaches smoking stress and weight management problems.
  • The reduction and even elimination of these problems can give you a far better start to the day and allow you to produce work of your best ability, not only making you feel better but also making your employer happier.
  • Fantastic staff incentives to maintain optimum health.

We begin by an introductory workshop, giving a first insight into how these problems are caused, namely postural problems. We offer techniques to eliminate this and help with other areas that may be problematic such as unnecessary stress, which can be reduced with our wonderful relaxation techniques.

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